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Faced with a dysfunctional monetary system, the people and the planet can only hope to bring about change through actions. 

And you can help in so many ways! 

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Events, online or IRL, curating for people and information and many other things to get your hands dirty and join the Money'cosystem.

The monetary diversity initiative promotes, teaches and supports communities on their path to self-sufficiency and prosperity

By getting involved you take part in a movement made up of thousands of participants and practitioners around the world.

Learn, then teach

Join our masterclasses and courses advertised on this website to learn about the monetary system, monetary diversity and the implementation process. 

What can you learn?

  • Basics of Monetary Diversity
  • Designing complementary currency
  • How to set up a complementary payment system
  • Much more thanks to our partners

Design & implement

Learn by doing!

Start a complementary currency project with your community! 

Contact us to get in touch with local or national organisations in your country who share their expertise on the same topic.

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