Regional currency

Join the team building resilient bio-regional currency to sustain living conditions and build a Regenerative Finance ecosystem.

Regional currencies can take many forms, including consumption, barter, clearing or fiscal with various scopes and insitutionnal involvment.

The path towards resilience and a fair monetary model working for the people may be long but we'll get there together.

People may join our informative Regional currency working group (french-speaking only) and bring their contribution to the project


The future of decentralized finance with social, democratic and environmental purposes.  #CoFi attempts to improve upon waves of blockchain innovation such as #DeFi (decentralised finance) which has not found a way to finance realworld businesses, and #ReFi (Regenerative Finance) which faces similar struggles. It is not explicitly a blockchain movement; though blockchains provide robust and programmable ledgers, we regard technical solutions are only the last part of the work of transforming the economy.

Developing alternative currencies is not easy. Let us learn together and join forces within the monetary commons

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The "Smarketplace" project is a visionary initiative by Après-GE aimed at transforming local trade exchanges by leveraging modern technologies to create an innovative B2B (business-to-business) platform. This project stands out for its commitment to sustainable development, data sovereignty, and strengthening secure and short supply chains for goods, services, and personal data.

At the heart of "Smarketplace" is the proposal to create a common's centric and secure marketplace, where local producers and consumers can interact directly. This platform is designed to be replicable globally while being community-managed, making it a unique solution in the marketplace ecosystem.

The governance of "Smarketplace" is based on principles of transparency and user control over their data, with clear rules expressed in natural language. The use of a universal framework for defining shared data aims to simplify, standardize, and share information securely, thereby facilitating transactions and compliance on the platform.

Technologically, "Smarketplace" leverages advances in semantic web and other digital innovations to offer an enhanced user experience. The project envisions using open-source solutions like Odoo Community for the front-end, integrating semantic web technologies for the back-end, such as JSON-LD, Solid POD, and ActivityPub. These technologies allow for decentralized and secure data management, offering unprecedented flexibility and scalability to platform users.

The vision of "Smarketplace" is to create a network of interconnected local platforms on an international scale. This collaborative and solidarity-based approach aims to promote local economies while addressing global challenges of sustainability and economic resilience.

In summary, "Smarketplace" proposes a solution for local commerce that combines technological innovation, participative governance, and a commitment to sustainable development. Its implementation could not only revolutionize the way local businesses operate and interact but also significantly contribute to creating a stronger and more connected local economy.

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Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

The rise of central bank digital currency has marked a turning point.

Indeed, new technological advancements and private initiatives have pushed central banks towards considering their fiat digital system (like digital paper notes) and thus proved to the unaware how central banks could indeed weigh on society and economics and that the monopolistic bank-created debt-money in digital form was not an insurmountable horizon.

Read to report coordinated by Veblen Institute