Sales Terms for Event Tickets: Monetary Diversity & Collaborative Finance gathering 5-6-7 July 2024 

Tickets are issued via email and include a barcode for entry; confirmation is sent immediately upon purchase. Tickets are personal and require identification at the event entrance to verify that the holder matches the name on the ticket. A full refund is available within 14 days of purchase, provided the request is made before the event date. If the event is canceled, ticket holders will receive a full refund. Tickets cannot be transferred unless approved by the organizers through a specific request to

Attendees must respect all participants and the venue. The organizers reserve the right to remove individuals who violate this policy. There are no age restrictions for the event. Accessibility is ensured for attendees with disabilities. The organizers are not liable for any unforeseen events beyond their control that may affect the event, such as natural disasters, nor for disruptions in the ticket buyers' journey.

No recordings, images, or sound may be taken during the event without the formal written consent of the organizer, Monetary Diversity. Attendees may not contact media outlets or represent the event without similar consent. Participants agree to have their images used in future communication materials, including videos and recordings of the event for the promotion of Monetary Diversity or use in pedagogical content.

The event is governed by the laws of Liege, Belgium. Organizers may cancel any ticket sales at their discretion.